Vertebral-basilar insufficiency

We at the Clinic for modern surgical technologies carry out laser corrections of vertebrobasilar insufficiency (VBI) with strong clinical effect. As a result, patients get rid of dizziness, entotic sound, pain syndrome, and their working capacity is restored. Patient follow-up does not require any maintenance drug therapy. The method is patented.

Using our manipulative laser correction method, we enable our patients to live normal live again. Working capacity is maintained during the treatment process. We have supervised the afterhistory of many patients for seven years, and the results have been positive.

Initial consultation and examination at our clinic

You can make an appointment for consultation on vertebrobasilar insufficiency treatment by calling us:+7 (812) 642 - 88 - 42 or simply leave an online request, and one of our specialists will get in touch with you.

About the disease

Vertebrobasilar insufficiency is insufficient blood circulation in the area of basilar and vertebral arteries. Vertebrobasilar insufficiency leads to insufficient tentorium and end lobe blood supply. One of the main reasons for vertebrobasilar insufficiency is cervical vertebral osteochondrosis accompanied by vertebral artery compression. Arteriosclerotic vessel modifications can also lead to the disease. Despite the fact that medical institutions offer various treatment methods, this disease is hard to cure. However, for already 10 years the method developed at our clinic has been producing strong clinical effect on patients suffering from vertebrobasilar insufficiency.

Our method

We use intravenous laser blood irradiation method, both direct intravenous and an indirect one, when a solution of certain medicines in injected and radiated. At the same time we direct laser beam on trigger zones. Laser action improves blow flow characteristics, strengthens vertebral artery vessel walls, and jugulates trigger zones. Daily outpatient treatment lasts for 20-25 days. During the course of treatment we eliminate the cause of the disease and jugulate its presentations (pain syndrome, entotic sound, dizziness…). The effect is table. Patients’ follow-up for 5-7 years has not demonstrated any serious clinical deviations. Based on the results of roentgen, functional, and MRI researches, positive clinical effects for all patients were achieved.

Advantages of our vertebrobasilar insufficiency treatment method

  • Positive outcomes in all cases.
  • Full relief of pain syndrome and entotic sound.
  • All patients followed-up for 7 years since this treatment method was implemented have shown stable positive results.
  • Outpatient vertebrobasilar insufficiency treatment.
  • Minimal contraindications.
  • No side effects.
  • Monitoring and follow-up of patients after the treatment.

Treatment geography

Clients from many Russian cities and from abroad turn to us for vertebrobasilar insufficiency and other serious diseases treatment. The effectiveness of our treatment methodology made our clinic famous all over Russia and beyond its borders.

Cost of vertebrobasilar insufficiency treatment

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