Spinal disc herniation

45000 rubles discount for patients who need simultaneous excision of 2 hernias

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We at the Clinic for modern surgical technologies can treat intervertebral herniations of any complexity.

We have developed and implemented a manipulative method of laser correction which leads to no complications and relapses. During the treatment and shortly after the manipulation discs are fully restored, which means that a patient will be able to live normal life, get rid of disability status and be able to work even during outpatient treatment.

Initial consultation and examination at our clinic

You can make an appointment for consultation on intervertebral herniation treatment by calling us:+7 (812) 642 - 88 - 42 or simply leave an online request, and one of our specialists will get in touch with you.

Our method

Our patented treatment method enables us to modify one or several intervertebral herniation of any size, including the sequestered ones.

Outpatient treatment course lasts for 20-30 days. Intravenous laser blood irradiation is carried out daily. Such parameters as laser beam wave length, output, exposure, and dose are precisely calculated. At the same time tissues are locally radiated using laser beam of the intervertebral disc projection. Moreover, laser beam relieves exudative phase of the inflammatory process.

During the treatment and shortly after its completion hernia decreases, becomes dehydrated and is then sclerosed, which can be confirmed by clinical and roentgenologic studies. Pain syndrome is being reduced throughout the treatment and is relived in several weeks. Spine becomes fully functional.

In 2010-2012 317 intervertebral herniations of different locations (median, paramedian, and introforaminal) were treated at the clinic, including herniations of lumbosacral and cervical spines: 248 and 69 respectively.

276 multiple herniations were treated simultaneously, which constitutes 87%.

None of the patients experienced complications after the laser correction both in the short and the long term.

Advantages of our methods for intervertebral herniations treatment:

Standard technique Our technique
Type of treatment Inpatient In the outpatient setting (day hospital)
Working ability 95% of patients are registered as disabled Preservation of full working ability
Relapse In 45-60% of cases relapses occur None
Possible complications
  • Infection of operative wound
  • discitis
  • osteomyelitis of adjacent vertebral bodies
  • epidural abscess
  • vertebral canal stenosis
  • vertebral segment instability
  • etc
Rehabilitation 8-12 months No rehabilitation measures are required
Therapeutic approach
  • Full or partial discectomy and nucleus pulposus excision
  • As a rule, only one hernia is removed during the operation
  • The disk and nucleus pulposus are preserved completely
  • Reduction of several hernial lumps of one vertebral segment

Another advantage of our method is that we do not use any non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs or other inefficient medicines having serious side effects.

Treatment geography

Clients from many Russian cities and from abroad turn to us for intervertebral herniations treatment because of high results of our method, which brings relief to 100% of patients.

About the disease

Intervertebral herniation (spinal disc herniation) is a disease induced by spinal disc nucleus pulposus dislocation accompanied by fibrous ring disruption. It leads to topoalgias of the affected disc (lumbodynia in lumbosacral area). Normally the pain intensifies on activity. It can also be accompanies by pain irradiating into a buttock on posterior, posteroexternal surface of a thigh and a shin in the affected roots innervations area, as well as sense shock, leg weakness, pelvic organs dysfunction (defecation, urination, numbness).

Cost of intervertebral herniations treatment

You can receive up-to-date pricing information on intervertebral herniations treatment by calling us on the phone: +7 (812) 642 - 88 - 42 Or simply leave an online request on our website now!