Lymphostasis, lymphedema

The Clinic for modern surgical technologies offers its own patented method for lower extremities lymphostasis (lymphedema) treatment based on laser radiation.

Using our manipulative laser correction method, we enable our patients to live normal live again. Working capacity is maintained during the treatment process.

Initial consultation and examination at our clinic

You can make an appointment for consultation by calling us:+7 (812) 642 - 88 - 42 or simply leave an online request, and one of our specialists will get in touch with you.

Transportation to the clinic in Saint Petersburg and its suburbs upon making an appointment is free for those in need.

About the disease

Lymphostasis of lower extremities is an inveterate tissue oedema (lymphedema). This disease is quite widespread: according to different researches, between 140 and 250 million people suffer from lymphostasis. Lymphostasis of lower extremities is mostly caused by filariasis. Initially oedema affects distal extremity (ancles of lower extremities). Oedema is spreading over several months proximadly.

During the period of 1993-2012 we have cured more than 100 patients, including those who suffered from primary lymphostasis of different states. Standard methods implemented at other clinics, including major medical centers in Germany and Switzerland, still do not cater for satisfactory results of lymphedema treatment.

Our method

The method we have developed is based on the physical aspects of laser radiation. Lymphostasis treatment pre-supposes intravenous laser blood irradiation accompanies by local irradiation of the extremity affected on the exposure set and laser beam parameters.

Advantages of our lymphostasis treatment method

  • Intrinsic and secondary lymphostasis treatment.
  • Positive results in all cases of secondary lymphostasis and primary lymphostasis of stages 1-3.
  • Course of lymphostasis treatment lasts for 20 days.
  • Lymphostasis is being decreased during the course of treatment.
  • After the first series of treatment lymphedema is jugulated by 40-90% depending on the process severity. No relapses were experiences between the series.
  • After the second series of treatment lymphostasis is fully jugulated on stages 1-2.
  • Outpatient treatment of lymphostasis of lower extremities.
  • Minimal contraindications.
  • No side effects.
  • No relapses.
  • Getting rid of disability status.

Laser lymphostasis correction after reparative surgery on lymphatic vessels or after lymph nodectomy entails certain difficulties.

Treatment geography

At present patients from more than 20 cities in Russia and from abroad have gone through treatment of lower extremities lymphostasis (lymphedema) at the Clinic for modern surgical technologies located in Saint Petersburg.

Cost of lymphostasis treatment

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