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Pakhomov Andrew G.

Founder and CEO

I have more than 30 years of experience as a surgeon (cancer surgeon, general surgeon, vascular surgeon) at the Research Institute of Oncology and at other health care institutions in the North-West federal district in Russian Federation. In the last years I held the position of the head of the department at the Research Institute of Oncology.

About us

Clinic for modern surgical technologies is a medical institution successfully using its own patented methods for complex diseases treatment.

Doctors working at the clinic have numerous patents for medical developments and inventions and possess years of experience working for major public medical institutions.

Initial consultation and examination at our clinic

Leading experts of our clinic, such as operating surgeon, neurologist, cardiac surgeon, dermatologist, carry out initial consultations and treat the following diseases:

  1. intervertebral disk herniation
  2. arthrosis and arthritis (including psoriatic arthritis)
  3. primary and secondary lymphostasis of lower limbs
  4. disease of main arteries of the lower extremity
  5. chronic venous insufficiency
  6. varicose disease
  7. trophic ulcer
  8. post-thrombotic syndrome
  9. obliterating atherosclerosis of the lower extremity arteries
  10. burns (I-III degrees)
  11. coronary heart disease, including stenocardia and acute myocardial infarction
  12. Essential hypertension, stroke
  13. heart rhythm disturbance
  14. vertebrobasilar insufficiency
  15. trigeminal and face neuralgia
  16. after-effects of traumatic brain injuries
  17. headaches of different origin
  18. tension headaches
  19. headaches after traumatic brain injuries
  20. headaches accompanying vascular diseases
  21. headache caused by myofascial pain syndromes
  22. cluster headache
  23. post-apoplectic condition
  24. spinal cord infarction
  25. plexopathy
  26. skin diseases

Our methods

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During the last 15 years we have been developing methods for curing serious vessels and lymphocyte system diseases, as well as spinal disc herniations based on unique capabilities of laser radiation and laser ray’s ability to make positive impact on inflammatory processes, tissues microcirculation, thrombosed great vessels, and hermorheology.

Laser capabilities

One of the main mechanisms of intravenous laser blood irradiation is that a quantum penetrates into a cell and gets into its erythrocyte and platelet. Cell membrane and mitochondria are activated, globin capabilities are strengthened, high percentage of ferric iron in arterial blood is conserved. Thus, the scale of reduction-oxidation reactions is increased in tissues, leading to formation of considerable amounts of adenosine triphosphate (Nucleotide coenzymeadenosine triphosphate is the major form of preserving chemical energy in cells). Inflammatory edema is decreased, which leads to pain syndrome reduction. The main advantages of using laser are as follows:

  • Patient’s immunological status is improved.
  • Blood flow characteristics are restored.
  • Oxygen is transported to brain and heart tissues in a better way.
  • Cholesterol level is decreased.
  • Hemodynamic indicators (arterial pressure, venous pressure) are normalized.

Our results

At present we effectively treat more than 30 diseases and are constantly expanding the area of implementing our methods. Results of treatment on the majority of the diseases based on our methods are extremely higher than those of other medical institutions that use conservative treatment modes. Throughout many years of working we have helped dozens of patients and carried out lots of researches on each nosology. Today we are happy to say that methods of laser treatment we use at out clinic ensure stable curative effect.

Our advantages

  • Treatment results are statistically-backed: positive dynamics and no disease progress in 100% of cases.
  • Low costs of treatment.
  • Minimally invasive methods of laser surgery.
  • Patient’s status is improved within the first several days of treatment.
  • Short courses of treatment: from 7 to 30 days.
  • Outpatient treatment.
  • Minimal periods of rehabilitation.
  • Working capacity is kept.
  • Minimal contraindications.
  • No side reactions.

Our prices

The pricing policy of the Clinic for modern surgical technologies fully corresponds with the high quality of the services delivered. Our prices are fixed and transparent, which means that our patients can plan their spending. You can receive up-to-date pricing information by calling us on the phone:

+7 (812) 642-88-42

Or simply leave an online request on our website now!

International Cooperation

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In September 2013 has taken place an international conference for the Russian-German cooperation in the field of new technologies in medicine in St. Petersburg, under which, in the presence of initiators such as Harry Glawe, Minister of Economy, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany and Prof. Dr. Dr. HC (mult.) Horst Klinkmann, FRCP, Rostock, President BioCon Valley an agreement with German side was signed about the beginning of cooperation in the implementation of our technology in Germany.